Sisters4Science is full of girls who always come prepared and ready to explore. Over the course of the program, I have learned that the girls want to engage in more chemical explosions or things pertaining to women’s beauty. Over the course of the program I have tapped into the beauty and explosive projects such as making bath bombs and seeing how glider reacts when it’s mixed with vinegar and baking soda. Teaching my girls how to explore different outcomes given their solution versus their peers. One student Mia has really grown over the course of the program. She started out only wanting to partner with one or two people but slowly on her own she befriended more girls in the program. Every girl in the program has different characteristics that bring their personality out more through the program. Many times in the program,    I find myself learning from the girls. The motivation that Sisters4Science gives me comes from wanting to make sure that they know they have a voice and respect is a virtue that everyone deserves. Uplifting each other and building self-esteem while engaging in science is what Sisters4Science is all about. I’m thankful for Sisters4Science!

Written By: Torri Hampton

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