Following our trip to the beach and a sugar filled holiday break the EA team was back to work earning, burning, and learning about calories!

Everyone in Chicago knows that after our first snowfall winter is here and already animals are scurrying to gather their last little bit of food before crawling into a tree stump for a long nap or heading south to warmer waters. Students learned about the local birds they could see migrating both too and from Chicago. Just as importantly we studied never leave like the house sparrow and pigeon who adapted to city life as well as any teen. Students shared how excited they were to identify birds in their own back yard.  “I saw a house sparrow on my way here this morning” said Jamarion, “It was one boy and a bunch of girls, he must have been popular or had a lot of birdseed nearby!”

To draw more wildlife in and continue our trend of reducing, reusing and recycling, we made upcycled automatic bird feeders using plastic spoons and plastic bottles.  “just like my dog feeder!” said one student, “I can’t believe we paid $30 for that!”

To bring home our knowledge and creativity each student developed animal foraging experiments using personalized feeding trays and a variety of snacks to lure in hoarders looking for food.  One student was really interested in the methods mammals use to find their food, “I know sight is important for hunting, So I wonder if different color M&Ms will be eaten first by different animals” other students preferred to keep it simple. “I saw a squirrel eat my nacho chips once, I’ve never seen them eat sunflower seeds, so I bet the Doritos are gone in the morning!”

Written By: Kyle Reid

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