We were able to end the semester on a high note! The last few weeks have been very enjoyable, and the girls were thrilled with each experiment and activity!   One of the highly requested activity was making slime! Making slime was definitely a very tactile activity. They were able to create something with their hands by combining very common materials. Another highly requested activity was doing dissections! We ended the semester by doing cow’s eye dissection/ The girls were screaming but also entranced by it. They want to continue with dissections, and requested that we do a shark dissection next semester.

From one of the experiments, we learned about how a parachute works. The girls learned about concepts such as air resistance and gravity, and made their own parachutes using plastic bags, coffee filters, or napkins, string, tape, and a little mini figure. They tested out their parachutes a couple of times, and wanted to make sure that their mini figure made a safe and slow landing. Victoria and Karina used plastic bags, and made their canopies big enough to generate a lot of air force for a slow landing. Other girls used napkins and coffee filters to make a successful, smooth, and slow landing.

The girls are excited to resume program in the spring! For this upcoming semester, we’re focusing on bringing in women STEM Professionals to briefly talk about what their occupation, what it means to be a woman in the STEM profession, and to engage the girls with a hands-on activity. We’ll also be doing fun and interesting activities such as making roller coasters out foam pipe insulators and making volcanoes. As the school year ends, we’ll be having events such as Girls Health and Science Day, and the Review of Knowledge which allows the girls to showcase 1-2 experiments that they’ve enjoyed throughout the year.

Written By: Annie Yung

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