Project Exploration Building Relationships with Students!

Project Exploration (PE) values developing relationships with students and learning how encourage and inspire their interest in science education. Since 2013, PE has offered one of its core programs Sisters4Science at Carter G. Woodson Middle School. Over the years teachers, administrators and partners have asked if we would be willing to provide a program that targets their boys. Willingness was never a question but rather identifying funding, an engaged male STEM Facilitator and the right partner was our quest. This year PE is thrilled to introduce Brothers4Science, an all boys program that develops a STEM learning environment for boys to be engaged, fuel their curiosity, work alongside male STEM professionals and have fun!

Meet Jacari who aspires to have a career in the medical field!

Jacari Brandon is a student at Carter G. Woodson Middle school who found out about Project Exploration two years ago when they started the Sisters4Science program at his school. Him and his friends would try to see what the program was up to but would get “kicked out”. The experiments and field trips always sounded so fun and he wanted more opportunities to go on field trips! This inspired him to BEG for a Brothers4Science program at his school as well. Outside of the program, Jacari’s interest in science and chemistry has led him to doing experiments at home like exploding lava. The website Science bob explained how to use a long tube, create a chemical reaction and turn everything into foam! He is really enjoying the engineering activities they have done in class so far and he cannot wait for the chemistry activities. This program has helped Jacari’s outlook on science because of its interactive nature and giving them more than just the basics. “I like that it’s not like you’re staring at the teacher or at the board just listening to what they are talking about.” In the future he wants to pursue a career in nursing or becoming a doctor because he wants to help people.

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