The greatest privilege of teaching is witnessing the girls’ tenacity and vibrancy. They’re filled with lots of energy, and are excited to participate in each activity. Every time I pick up the girls from the lunchroom on Tuesdays, they always run up to me and ask: “Ms. Annie, are we doing slime today?” “What are we doing today?”

The week before Halloween, the girls were building catapults out of popsicle sticks, spoons, and rubber bands. They were launching their catapults with tiny balls of aluminum foil, and measuring how far it traveled. One of the girls, America, really enjoyed the activity and asked: “Can we do it again?” She wanted to modify her catapult design to launch the aluminum foil ball even further.

The next activity we did was understanding how our brain receives information about our sight and our hearing. The girls were blindfolded and had an earplug in one of their ears. They had to guess the direction of the clapping. The girls were also challenged with dropping pennies in the cup with only one eye opened. Having more information such as seeing with two eyes and hearing with two ears helps our brain interpret the information a lot more accurately.

The week before Thanksgiving, the girls learned about the importance of water filters and how it worked. They fabricated their own water filters with sand, gravel, activated carbon, paper towels, cotton balls, and straws. They were slightly terrified and disgusted at the water they had to filtered which consisted of oil, dirt, food, soda, paper towels, candy wrappers, and debris. Karime and Yvonne thought up of different theories as to how they could get the water as clear as possible. They tried leaving out the sand, and adding in only activated carbon, gravel, and paper towel. Karime said, “Oh no! This made the water dirtier! We needed to add sand.” Another pair, Shelby and Karina said, “Ms. Annie, look! We were able to get rid of the oil!” The girls were eager to keep working on their water filters to produce clear water.

The girls cannot wait for the last few weeks! We’re hoping to make slime (which was highly requested), make parachutes out of plastic bags, make a stethoscope, and hopefully do a cow’s eye dissection!

Written By: Annie Yung

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