Project Exploration provides students with an opportunity to share their learning experiences with others

Project Exploration (PE) values providing our students with the opportunity to celebrate their successes and share what they have learned with their peers, parents, STEM Facilitators and community.  Each year PE programs have a culminating event, the Reflection of Knowledge (ROK), that publicly and visibly celebrates our students’ growth. Our students get to showcase the leadership skills and scientific knowledge they have gained. Often times this is the first time our girls are able to present to a large audience. Karime, a 7th grader at Orozco Community Academy attributes her first ROK as one of the most memorable experiences she had with her Sisters4Science (S4S) program.

Meet Karime!

Karime a 3 year veteran of S4S was introduced to the program a few years ago by her best friend Elizabeth.  She kept telling her how interesting and fun S4S was. Since joining she shares that she has been exposed to hands-on experiments, learning about specific science subjects, and getting the chance to debate about experiments and hypothesize like scientists. When asked what activity she would like to repeat she said, “I loved when we dissected fish with Dr. Charlene McCord! I loved how we saw inside the fish and explored through it, ‘oh this is part of the brain’ and ‘this is part of the gut.’ We were a little disgusted but completely intrigued about it.”

At the end of her first year she participated in her first ROK, where she and her team presented a big project with posters at Motorola Mobility in the Merchandise Mart. She loved working with her team and presenting their project together. In addition, she enjoyed meeting girls from other schools and learning about their programs and meeting new people; everyone’s excitement was noticeable. SInce the she anxiously awaits the ROK at the end of every school year. Over the past three year each STEM facilitator that has been at Orozco has offered Karime different learning techniques throughout her time with S4S. This year, Ms. Annie has done so many new and amazing experiments to really get our brains moving. Last year, Ms. Vanessa was really smart, well educated and has been able to do more activities with us because there is more control over the classroom even at the tough times.

Karime’s Future Plans!

Being apart of Project Exploration has opened up a variety opportunities for her with her science teachers. Before Sisters4Science, Karime didn’t know anything about the pH scale so then in class she said, “Oh I know this! We went over this in program!” Being in this program has help make several science concepts easier for me to understand even when I’m challenged and has improved my communication skills from being so shy to even presenting to adults.In the future she wants to go to Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, where her sisters already attends, because it’s specifically focused on science. This will help prepare me for my future in college to become a veterinarian.

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