Project Innovation Grant

Earlier this year, NBC 5, Telemundo Chicago and the NBCUniversal Foundation announced they were accepting applications for Project Innovation grants in the three categories described below.

Igniting Civic Engagement – programs that support volunteering and community engagement, especially those leveraging the use of media and technology.

Skills for the Digital Economy – programs that support advanced skills development with a focus on workforce training and promoting technology focused skills opportunities.

STEM/STEAM Youth Programming – programs that support youth STEM and STEAM education and help advance the next generation of K-12 students with a focus on these in-demand skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).

Youth-Science Pathways building STEM Learning

Project Exploration Youth-Science Pathway programs are designed for outcomes in which STEM learning experiences support young people’s social and emotional development. Changing the metaphor from a pipeline to pathway transforms the purpose of the educational effort: rather than an endeavor in which students’ experiences support STEM academic and workforce outcomes, STEM experiences are put to work in the service of youth development.

STEM education in Chicago is at a crossroads; while there are a wide range of cultural institutions and education organizations who provide out-of-school time STEM experiences, inequities to accessing these opportunities continue to persist and disproportionately impact youth from communities underrepresented in the sciences. Project Exploration is uniquely positioned as a nationally-recognized community-based organization and collective impact leader to make systemic change in the way that youth are engaged and how services are provided.

Project Exploration is pleased to have be one of five Chicago-based organizations Project Innovation award receipient.

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