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by | May 1, 2018 | News

Program Manager, Kiara Byrd shares her StartingBloc Fellowship Experience

Kiara had the opportunity to participate in the 5-day StartingBloc Institute, where she became a Fellow within the StartingBloc community. StartingBloc is a social innovation Fellowship that educates, inspires, and connects emerging leaders to drive social innovation across different sectors. They hold institutes for people to convene from all over the world to learn different strategies and apply it to changing the world in our own fields or businesses. The curriculum focuses on collaborative problem-solving (using human-centered design), a full-day harnessing inclusion and unconscious bias, and a respected leadership tool called Polarity Mapping, which allows people to hold and integrate paradox and divergent perspectives. She has brought a lot of what learned back to Project Exploration to provide more innovative ways to better impact the students and communities that we serve.  She is working with our new Operations Director to revamp our STEM Facilitator on-board process to better support their work life balance which would allow for them to be better engaged in program delivery. She is also implementing personal development activities for the Facilitators to create a foundation for their teaching styles by having them blend their personal values with Project Exploration’s guiding principles.  In addition, she is building a community of practice with Facilitators to support peer to peer mentoring. To learn more about StartingBloc and sponsoring your employees to participate in this professional development experience, you can visit to learn more!

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