The benefit of STEM Summer Learning

Increasing data suggest that summer STEM programs improve reading and math skills and increase graduation rates. Summer programs provide young people with a unique opportunity to explore, learn and engage with STEM activities. Summer programs motivate students with real-world application, without feeling like school. This summer Project Exploration is offering over 100 young people with hands-on STEM-related programs.

Student engagement based on culture and passionate interest in STEM topics is critically important to deeper learning as well as to the commitment to STEM careers. By encouraging students to pick projects based on personal interests within their own cultural framework, youth engage in STEM learning deeply and with great relevance. (STEM in the Summer: The Joy of Meaningful Learning, National Summer Learning Association)

Project Exploration features Summer of Science 2018

Project Exploration works to ensure STEM summer programs are hands-on, rigorous, and fun! We aim to foster natural curiosity and inquiry, so participants begin to design their questions and problems, in addition to solutions. 

Summer of Science 2018 at the West Side STEM Learning Center will expose middle school students to various STEM activities and Project Exploration is also offering programs in four community areas for high school students.

The West Side STEM Learning Center summer programs feature three days of programs exposing summer day campers to the physics of sound, robotics, design, engineering, coding, and solar energy.  The campers will also go on a STEM-focused field trip. STEM field trips include trips include going on the Chicago Architecture Foundation walking tour and a day of production at Manufacturing Renaissance at Austin College and Career Academy.

High School Students Explore STEM

Project Exploration’s high school summer programs work with students to explore forensics, environmental sciences, engineering and urban agriculture. Students will dissect, grow, investigate and propel drones across 6-weeks of programs

Want to see programs in action, contact our Program Manager, Kiara Byrd, or our STEM Co-op Manager, Kelsey Galante,

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