All Hands on Deck

On Wednesday, June 27 a wave of nearly 30 Boeing employees descended upon the West Side STEM Learning Center (SLC) to donate their time and man(and woman)power through a community outreach event. The Boeing Company and Project Exploration, as well as community members, worked together to beautify the space and give the classrooms of the SLC a facelift. Project Exploration has worked with Boeing for many years to continue providing transformative learning opportunities for youth underrepresented in the sciences.

A Clean Slate

With the help of the Boeing volunteers, Project Exploration was able to provide a ‘clean slate’ for the students participating in the Summer of Science Camp taking place at the West Side STEM Learning Center. Everyone was eager to help with extreme attention to detail. The volunteers were able to help move huge amounts of supplies, materials, and books from around the STEM Learning Center in order to organize the space. Small groups worked to give a facelift and deep clean each of the seven classrooms. There was teamwork from Boeing volunteers, Project Exploration staff, and community members.  When students attend a Project Exploration program they are getting a clean slate when it comes to STEM learning. Their learning space should reflect the same.

Building Capacity

The work of the Boeing volunteers built immense capacity through teamwork. The work that was completed in one afternoon with ‘all hands on deck’ would have taken months for the PE staff at the STEM Learning Center. We can’t thank you enough Boeing!

A Boeing employee reflected on the work Project Exploration is stewarding in Austin by admitting to initial fear in volunteering on the West Side. He appreciated all of the work being done to change the narrative of Austin and now understands the many assets that exist. This work is spearheaded by PE could not be done without the support of generous companies like Boeing.

Thank you, Boeing!

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