On Saturday, September 15th, Boeing held Family Day at their corporate office, 100 N Riverside, in Chicago’s loop.  Boeing families got to enjoy a day of activities, picnics and socializing with co-workers. Project Exploration was invited to have a table with activities for Boeing employees and their children.  Families were able to enjoy two activities – the aluminum boat challenge and building straw rockets. The aluminum boat challenge is always a hit – each person is given an aluminum square and instructed to fold it to make a boat.  Designs always vary, from thick and compact to larger. The challenge is to load as many marbles as possible into the boat without it sinking, and the winner was a 6-year-old girl who packed in a whopping 73 marbles! The straw rocket challenge involved cutting and taping a rocket together which fits on the end of a straw.  Participants then blow on the straw to see how far their rocket can fly. Overall, the families seemed to really enjoy the activities, and we had a blast (ha!) working with them! Thanks to Boeing for having us! To try these at home, please see the links below!

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