Meet Alina Nuth

A Chicago native who earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, in 2011. Her passion for arts, nature, science, and health runs deep and she chose to work for Project Exploration so that she can share her knowledge and passion with smart, inquisitive, and motivated young people in Chicago. Her favorite part of being a STEM Facilitator is listening to her girls formulate and articulate their thoughts, observations, and conclusions about the topic or project at hand. It shows her that they get it and that she has done her job well. She has learned how to appreciate the laughs and life’s blessings a lot more. She looks forward to continuing to support our girls in their endeavors and creating more interactive and participatory STEM learning moments that are informative and FUN!

Alina joined the team at this year’s All Girls Expedition where she connected with girls during the two-night camping trip.  The girls loved waking up early with her having tea and she taught them how to knit. Alina will be leading our Sisters4Science program at Orozco Fine Arts and Sciences Academy and is looking forward to introducing girls in the program to gardening, teas, knitting, and origami along with the wonders of science. She is gearing up for dissections and engineering activities.

Alina will also lead the FUSE Studio at the West Side STEM Learning Center. The FUSE Studio a flexible learning lab in partnership with Northwestern University is a place where students have access to many different activities, based on a variety of challenges.

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