Forensic Investigator Program

Project Exploration exposes students to hands-on STEM-related programs that offer them a window into careers, fields and demystify perceptions. In partnership with After School Matters Project Exploration’s Forensic Investigators offers 15 students at Phoenix Military Academy with an up-close look at forensic sciences. Teens learn how to collect and analyze evidence. They are introduced to microscopy and drug chemistry. They learn to identify latent prints and DNA, using authentic techniques, materials, and instrumentation. Our facilitator uses case studies to explore crime scenes, develop reconstructions, look over fingerprints, firearms, tool marks, and bloodstain pattern analysis. Forensic Investigators have partnered with teens at Marshall Metropolitan High School’s debate program and researched different crimes, through analyzing evidence, and debated on theories on the cause of death. Also, teens have visited the Chicago FBI field office, Illinois State Police and the Cook County court during a trial where the judge took the time to ask the students if they understood what was going on throughout the case. We also build opportunities for STEM professionals to continue to expose teens to career pathways, and professional expectations related to the field of forensic science.

Project Exploration hosts Murder Mystery Night

Early this October, Project Exploration hosted their first ever Murder Mystery Night. Murder was on the menu & everyone was a suspect! Our guests came in character and were ready to be immersed in an evening of intrigue and solving the murder! The event began with two of our Forensic Investigators, Graciela Batalla and Deyanna Green, who shared with guests what they are learning this year about forensic sciences and how to solve a crime. Our guests were so impressed with these young women and used their skillful advice! Project Exploration’s Murder Mystery Night brought out 40 guests including board members, junior board members, facilitators, and supporters. In the end, the murder was solved, and we thank new board member Deborah Williams for being a great victim and David Selman for taking on the murderer role!

Coming Up!

This is an exciting year for us with a lot of events in our calendar so make sure to keep a lookout for upcoming events. Our next event this winter is the Science of Whiskey. If you’re interested in attending this event or learning more, please email out to our Event Coordinator, Surika Pillay, You can follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our monthly E-Blasts on our website.

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