Partnerships Matter, in STEM Education!

Project Exploration has been at the forefront of impacting underserved communities and youth by delivering STEM education programs. This includes influencing a citywide conversation that aims to combat STEM deserts through partnership development. At the core of PE’s mission, we see STEM education as a and social justice issue.  This year Project Exploration was introduced to Glenhagen Farm Retreat, and after a successful staff retreat, we choose this location for All Girls Expedition.

Glenhagen Farm Retreat

“The Glenhagen Farm Retreat is a place to grow, and to experience and explore the wonders of God’s creation.” They are a non-profit organization out of a suburb of Chicago with a camp in Princeton, IL. They offer a wide range of educational opportunities related to ecosystems, astronomy, and sustainable agriculture. They provide a safe environment to discover and explore beautiful 65 acres of woods, valley and stream in a rural area with tent camping and a pavilion.

Our Partnership

Project Exploration and Glenhagen Farm partnered this fall for our annual All Girls Expedition camping trip. We spent three days and two nights in Princeton, IL. All Girls Expedition brought 30 urban middle school girls from with south and west side of Chicago to the rural area. Glenhagen Farm Retreat, Executive Director, Julie Portillo, worked with the PE team to develop a robust learning experience for girls to explore 65 acres of beautiful woods, valley, and stream. As part of the trip, the girls learned to track animals, identify plants, leaves, insects and explore the features of the unique landscape and stream. Julie worked with our team to plan a memorable experience by working out all of the details from arrival to departure. She led a night hike for the girls to observe the starry night and use their night vision to help them experience the environment without flashlights that would hinder the natural surroundings. As well as, a creek walk the following day where the girls were chasing turtles, learning to skip rocks and trying to take home spiders for their collages. We are grateful to Glenhagen Farm Retreat for their partnership, hard work, and hospitality.

We look forward to working with them again next year!

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in learning more about Glenhagen Farm or interested in how you and your organization can camp with them as well please reach out to Julie Portillo, or call 815-719-3379.

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