All About Anthony Ritter

Project Exploration has a new facilitator for our Science Giants and Brothers4Science programs named Anthony Ritter. In 2008, he graduated from the University of Guam with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. For the last two years, he has worked as a substitute teacher while running a part-time pedal-powered espresso business. Recently, he moved to Chicago in support of his wife as she completes her medical residency. He decided to join Project Exploration because of the mission of exposing students to STEM in underrepresented communities resonated with him. His favorite part about being a STEM Facilitator is watching the students go from vaguely interested to intensely invested in a project. Watching the students arrive at their own conclusions about the world around them and seeing their growing curiosity about science is what makes this position exiting. He is looking forward to teaching and supporting students to the best of his ability so that they may be successful at whatever they pursue.

Semester Highlights!

“Working with Project Exploration has been exciting, challenging and rewarding. I began facilitating Science Giants at Al Raby High school where our focus was on hydroponics, aquaponics and indoor growing methods. The students began the month by planting seedlings and outfitting grow-beds with new pumps purchased by Project Exploration. This allowed the students to learn how to replace pumps, troubleshoot existing pumps, and reset timers. They hung grow lights, gingerly planted delicate seedlings into grow-beds and mixed the right ratio of nutrients to the water. One day, at the end of the program I saw that a few students had written their names on a post-it and attached it to the first two grow beds. It was at this moment that I knew students were taking ownership of the grow lab and, like the lab we are making progress. I closed the door with a giant grin on my face. A smile only an educator knows after he/she is proud of the student’s work. Their work ultimately translated into seven fully functional automated grow beds with cucumbers, beans, lettuce, and basil. I along with the students are looking forward to December’s growth. It looks like it will be tremendous.” Anthony Ritter

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