The Importance of Family Engagement

Project Exploration (PE) continues to engage families in the Austin neighborhood. Since 1999 Project Exploration has provided high-quality STEM opportunities for youth in Chicago through school-based programs. Over the past three years, PE has worked specifically in the community of Austin through a place-based strategy. Project Exploration has cultivated deep relationships with key stakeholders in the Austin neighborhood in the effort to identify and close opportunity gaps in the STEM learning ecosystem for the community’s youth.  In January 2018 PE held a kick-off open house event ‘Celebrating a New Year in STEM Learning’ at the West Side STEM Learning Center. Over the past year, PE continues to engage families through opportunities like the Summer of Opportunity Student Showcase and the recent November Parent Night.

Parent Night at the West Side STEM Learning Center

Project Exploration hosted a Parent Night at the West Side STEM Learning Center on November 29. Parents were able to observe their children at work in their programs and meet the STEM facilitators. Later in the evening, everyone participated in an informational session about Project Exploration and the importance of STEM. The event concluded with an interactive design challenge where each family used common household materials to create the tallest tower possible. The Garth family was the challenge winner, creating a tower that was over 3 feet tall! Parents were encouraged to consider enrolling their 5th – 8th graders in an awesome opportunity in STEM learning. You can sign up for spring programming at the West Side STEM Learning Center!

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