Meet Lisa Heineman, Project Exploration’s Newest Team Member

Lisa Heineman is Project Exploration’s new Program Manager. She is jumping feet first into the position and is ready to take on our Youth Science Pathway programs this spring! She is excited to be working with our amazing STEM Facilitators and exploring the programs in greater depth.

All About Lisa

Lisa was born and raised in Ohio. She grew up near a farm and has always loved being outdoors in the environment. She has shared this passion with others since she graduated from Ohio State with a degree in Geography in 2015. After graduation, Lisa took a position with a non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio that plans community events. After working in that position for a year, she decided to pursue her lifelong dream of living abroad. With that dream in mind, Lisa moved to Latin America where she taught English in the public school system in Ecuador and Colombia.

Always Giving Back

Lisa comes to Project Exploration after living and working in the Dominican Republic where she worked with a non-profit to implement sustainable community development projects. She is excited for her new role as the Program Manager where she will run the school-based programs and offer students exciting opportunities to engage in science education. She is also looking forward to collaborating with our awesome facilitators and striving to empower them to deliver the skills and learning needed to pursue lifelong learning, especially in the sciences.

Please join us in welcoming her to the Project Exploration Family!

Special thanks to L. Shoulterkarall

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