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“Unity In The Community” is designed to strengthen the community by everyone working together block-by-block and shoulder-to-shoulder. Project Exploration continues to build opportunities for community engagement with STEM!

37th Ward 20th Annual Back to School Gospel Fest

On the morning of Saturday, August 3rd, the 37th Ward Alderman Mitts hosted their Annual Back-to-School Gospel Fest in Austin’s LaFollette Park. The event was free and open to the public, featuring music, food, free backpacks, prizes, games, and of course, a sprinkle of PE magic, or, what we know as STEM activities, including “Build Your Own Rocket,” and “Build Your Own Boat.” 

There were so many moments of glimmering hope at the “rocket launches,” after eager participants took a few instructions from our Program Manager, Kelsey, to become engineers for a moment. Marbles were wet with passion from water sprinkled about the table and surrounding area, which was a sight to see but was no match compared to the smiling faces and laughter heard during the Boat Challenge.

Over the last few years, Project Exploration has partnered with Alderman Mitts’ team to commit to celebrating, empowering, and inspiring youth through STEM-related activities during the Annual Fest. This year was no different and our team is eager to continue in reclaiming the narrative of Austin, with the focus of: “Redefining community and reclaiming Austin.

Special thanks to L. Shoulterkarall

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