STEM Takes Flight

Thank you to Pilot Franz Honeygan for hosting a Virtual Fly-In. This event has led to a great partnership that will help PE to continue to provide high-quality STEM learning experiences, as well as great mentors. 

Pilot Honeygan is a First Officer for Endeavor Air (Delta Connection).  He fell in love with aviation at a very young age but felt that growing up in Jamaica put him at a disadvantage for pursuing his passion. He moved to America to access the resources needed to pursue his dream. 

Follow Your Dreams

In addition, as a former school teacher, he helps students work towards achieving their dreams by showing them how his hard work, passion, support, and great attitude helped him to reach his goals. 

Pilot Franz believes in PE’s mission and is happy to volunteer his services. He is committed to providing and finding resources that fit PE’s mission. He truly believes that “ Every child can attain their dream by believing and perseverance.” 


  • Book a Virtual About PE Happy Hour to connect with others about PE.
  • Book a Virtual Family Night where your family can have fun doing a hands-on STEM activity while learning about PE.
  • Book a Virtual Team Builder Event. Have you been missing your team? Feeling overwhelmed? Need something to challenge your brain in a fun way? Have fun doing a hands-on STEM activity while learning about PE.


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