Building Relationships Always!

The beauty of teaching is that you have the opportunity to share wisdom and knowledge with young people, but the best part of education is bonding with your students. Your “kids” will always be your “kids” regardless of the time and place. A highlight of my summer was seeing one of my old students at camp! I had opened the Zoom room for our Chicago Park District campers and met with a very familiar voice, out of the frame. “Ms. T? Is that you?!” the little voice asked. “Of course, it’s me!” I responded. At that moment, one of my wonderful students from the past popped his face into the frame, beaming! It was such a great moment because not only was I leading learning in camp with “new kids,” but I also had the chance to continue to participate in “my kids’” lives while at PE. Another take away from the moment? Chicago is a small town!

Project Exploration was thrilled to support the Chicago Park District, summer camp programs.  Building capacity, developing interest in STEM, and making connections with students is core to our mission!

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