The Value of Education 

Education is very important to both Peter and Heather Tinsman. They recognize that having the ability to get a good education does not happen for everyone and know that they were both fortunate to have their education paid for. Because their daughter Sarah has been working in various roles in education in a number of inner-city schools, the Tinsmans learned so much about all of the challenges and issues that students face. During the pandemic, they realized how so many students who were already at a disadvantage were now facing even more challenges in accessing high-quality learning opportunities. Education is so important to success in life. Peter’s father always told him “I’m going to give you the tools, whatever you do with the tool is up to you.” The Tinsman’s realized that, through their gift, they could give students the tools they need to be empowered to achieve their goals.


Their daughter, Sarah Tinsman, Project Exploration’s Program Director continued experiences in education have also made them advocates for those who choose to go into teaching, a profession that should be highly sought after and highly respected. “If teachers were making as much as engineers, imagine the quality of teachers we would have fought to be in the classroom.” 

When you support PE, you support access to transformative learning opportunities for students, especially around STEM and STEAM education.  

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