Project Exploration (PE) has created transformative learning opportunities for youth underrepresented in the sciences–particularly students of color and girls – for more than 23 years. 

While Fall program sessions are intended to expose students to and get them comfortable with the Engineering Design Process and Scientific Inquiry, Spring is intended to allow students to dive deeper into specific STEM disciplines. With students always at the center, the specific STEM disciplines we dive into are dictated by interest surveys deployed at the end of the Fall semester so we can be certain that students will be excited about staying involved in Spring.

Programs and opportunities PE students will enjoy in the Spring include:

Schools and community organizations with whom PE has partnered to lead these programs include:

  • Plato Learning Academy
  • Holy Family School
  • Lawndale Community Academy
  • Woodson Elementary School
  • UCCS Donoghue
  • Hefferan Elementary School
  • Bethel New Life
  • Betty Shabazz Academy
  • Barbara A. Sizemore Academy
  • Frederick Douglass High School

We are grateful to the schools and other community organizations for their partnership, hard work, and dedication to our students. We look forward to working with them this year!

Spring Program Culminate with PE’s Annual Reflection of Knowledge Event

Reflection of Knowledge (ROK) is an annual program-culminating event at the end of the Spring semester that allows students to showcase their knowledge for their families and other “Project Exploration (PE) Fam”–partners, donors, and community members.

PE’s annual, student-led showcase gives PE youth the platform to show the world the future of science, engineering, and technology! Join us to learn first-hand from our young people, see their projects in action, and hear about their STEM passions. Then, stay for the awards ceremony at which each young person will be recognized for their growth in the program, while PE program 8th grade graduates get inducted into our alumni club with their own personalized lab coats!


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