Chicago Learning Days was a blast! Huge thanks to our community and STEM partners who helped make it a success! Project Exploration believes that it’s important to engage with students of all ages to provide holistic learning opportunities and resources that allow youth to explore their identities both inside and outside of STEM. This weekend was a true testament to our mission in action!

Here’s a quick recap of Austin’s Hub activities:

On Thursday, May 19th, we hosted the Chicago Learning Days (CLD) Kickoff Reception at Bethel New Life where CLD event hosts, community partners, and sponsors gathered to network and learn more about the mission of Chicago Learning Days. 

On Friday, May 20th, WTTW provided early childhood activities and a Nature Cat character visit at Mary Crane Center. Each student got their picture taken and received a backpack with supplies. 

Then, Friday afternoon, we held Austin Opportunity Day at Michele Clark HS to provide high-schoolers the opportunity to register for summer jobs and programs. In addition to the resource fair, Michele Clark students also curated and participated in a Vintage Streetwear Fashion Show where they showcased throwback looks and their current day streetwear. The show was an awesome experience for youth to express themselves through fashion and showcase their style and personalities for the community to see. 

On Saturday, May 21st, we worked with our program partners to host STEM Activities for the entire family in our STEM Learning Center at Bethel New Life. Participants were able to learn about drones, 3D printing, robot coding, endangered species, and more! Additionally, we invited PE program students to showcase their favorite STEM projects from this school year to funders, partners, board members and community organizers!




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