On the Equity Journey: A Recap of the Stem Push Network Conference

The STEM PUSH Conference recently convened with 43 partner pre-college STEM programs to discuss strategies for creating equitable experiences in STEM education. This event, aptly titled “On the Equity Journey”, was an opportunity for professionals to explore ways to measure competencies developed by students that can lead to increased participation in STEM programs. Cachetta, a leader in the field, presented her insights and experiences in the area. It was an inspiring and informative conference for all who attended. In this blog post, we will review the highlights of the STEM PUSH Conference and discuss the importance of equitable access in STEM education.

The STEM PUSH Network, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing Chicago STEM education, recently hosted its first ever “On the Equity Journey” conference. The conference featured 43 partner precollege STEM programs and provided an opportunity for leaders to explore equitable experiences and ways to measure the competencies students develop that lead to increased participation in STEM programs. The event was held virtually and attended by educators, administrators, and other stakeholders from across the country.

Cachetta, a leader in the field of STEM equity, presented at the conference on how to create successful equitable experiences. Throughout the two-day event, participants discussed topics related to STEM equity, explored innovative methods for measuring student growth, and identified areas for improvement in their own communities. The conference offered a platform for leaders to share their successes and challenges in their efforts to create more equitable experiences for their students.

Overall, the “On the Equity Journey” conference was a great success and provided invaluable resources to help leaders make meaningful changes in their communities. It has opened up new avenues for collaboration between STEM organizations and education stakeholders as they work together to promote greater equity in STEM learning and development.

The STEM PUSH Network Conference, “On the Equity Journey” was a gathering of 43 partner precollege STEM programs held in Chicago. The event was a great opportunity for educators, nonprofit organizations, and others to come together and discuss how to create equitable experiences and measure competencies for students.

One of the key takeaways from the conference was the importance of having community partners in creating successful STEM education initiatives. Representatives from Chicago nonprofits shared their stories of how they are creating meaningful partnerships with schools, businesses, and other organizations to provide students with access to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) resources.

The conference also highlighted the need to provide support to underrepresented populations in STEM fields. Through thoughtful discussions, educators discussed ways to provide opportunities for individuals from marginalized communities to pursue STEM-related careers.

The conference included words from the awe-inspiring Dr. Michelle King, a Pittsburgh STEM education leader, who shared her story of how she found success in STEM fields by working through love and being a learning instigator. Dr. Michelle encouraged attendees to look for innovative solutions to ensure that all students have access to the same quality STEM education, especially through the creative and collaborative nature of co-design sessions, which she guided conference participants through. 

Cachetta “Chetta” Potts of Project Exploration shared two key discussion pieces, which stressed the importance of forming relationships with nonprofits to build greater equity within STEM learning environments. Chetta shared how PE’s mission to expand access and equity in STEM fields continued long before and will continue to thrive long after the STEM PUSH Network’s “On the Equity Journey” conference concludes. We are excited to see where the connections and knowledge that was gained will propel us all forward in this mission to change the face of STEM. 
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