A Message From New Board Chair Matthew Blakely

Dear Friends, As the new chair of the board of directors, I am excited to update you on promising developments at Project Exploration. Over the past several months, the board and staff have been focused on mitigating the effects of a cash crisis that occurred in...


We are excited to announce our PRIVATE AUCTION! Thanks to a generous donor we have four of the hottest tickets in town available for friends of Project Exploration. The auction will run March 11-March 22nd at 5pm CST.

Welcome New Director of Programs, Natasha Smith-Walker

“The way Project Exploration combines youth development and science education is, bar none, the most exciting idea I’ve encountered in a long time,” Natasha says. “Now that I’ve lead some Sisters4Science sessions, it is so clear to me how important and powerful the relationships between the students and us adult role-models is. We’re really engaging them at their level, and that’s why these programs are so successful. I’m really looking forward to meeting more students and seeing this approach at work in different contexts.”

Welcome New Director of Programs, Natasha Smith-Walker

Natasha Smith-Walker brings over 15 years of experience in youth development and education to Project Exploration. Her career has included classroom teaching and numerous administrative and educational roles in Chicago’s out-of-school time landscape, including serving...

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