School-Based Programs

School-Based Programs

All of Project Exploration’s programs aim to foster a lifelong relationship with science, technology, engineering and math by providing students with a dynamic set of experiences through Youth-Science Pathways. PE’s school-based programs are no exception to this structure. Organized around four phases of scientific inquiry (Launch, Discover, Explore, and Pursue), Youth-Science Pathways is a set of fluid, non-linear programs that reflect students’ emerging skills, curiosity, and ambition; and encourages them to take ownership of their learning, become active members of the scientific community, and invest in a lifelong practice of inquiry.

Middle School Programs


Sisters4Science is a program for girls led by female facilitators who emphasize leadership development through scientific exploration. Designed to get girls interested in science, keep girls interested in science, and equip girls with skills and experiences that enable them to pursue science, Sisters4Science creates a science-rich learning environment that puts girls at the center.


Brothers4Science is a program for middle school urban boys in areas with a lack of STEM education and enrichment. Designed to get boys interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM); keep boys interested in STEM, and equip boys with skills and experiences that enable them to pursue STEM. Brothers4Science is intended to help boys develop self-esteem about their thoughts, feelings, experiences, and decisions, expose them to a wide variety of roles played by men in science.

2019-20 School-Based Partners included:

  • Ariel Elementary Community Academy (Middle School Sisters4Science Programs)
  • Nash Elementary School (Middle School Brothers4Science and Sisters4Science Programs)
  • Orozco Community Academy (Middle School Brothers4Science and Sisters4Science Programs)
  • Carter G. Woodson Elementary (Middle School Brothers4Science and Sisters4Science Programs)
  • Phoenix Military Academy (High School Forensic Investigators Program)
  • Richards Career Academy (High School Explore Engineering Program)

2020-21 School-Based Partners will be announced in September 2020.

High School Programs

Environmental Adventurers

Environmental Adventurers is aimed at engaging diverse, urban youth in the environmental sciences, biology, anatomy, and zoology subjects to develop skills in research in a meaningful and hands-on way.

Explore Engineering

Explore Engineering uses the Ten80 Student Racing Challenge curriculum, a rigorous automotive engineering curriculum to teach teens engineering concepts employed in car racing, and build their own model race car that will be entered into a nationwide engineering competition.

Forensic Investigators

Forensic Investigators a popular and rigorous program that teens gain hands-on experience in a variety of subdisciplines, including latent fingerprints, firearms and tread wear, biology/DNA, microscopy, and drug chemistry.

Sports Science

Sports Science works with teens to study how the healthy human body works during exercise, and how sports and physical activity promote health and performance.

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