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Programs can’t happen in person, but PE is still here! We have a summer of fun learning opportunities planned for you this summer, including programs for students in kindergarten through 8th grade. Register your family today to receive your STEMkit and start learning with us!

What You Can Expect

While we normally welcome students to the West Side STEM Learning Center for summer programs, the safety of our young people and families comes first. With the dangers of coronavirus still being very real, summer programs will be 100% virtual this year.

Monthly STEMkit

While we try to choose activities requiring supplies you already have at home, your monthly [email protected] Kit will provide the extras your kid(s) need to thrive this summer, as well as bonus activities and materials from Project Exploration’s partners.

2-3x Daily Zoom Classes

For qualifying families, students participate in fun, daily Zoom classes tailored to their interests. Kids learn real world skills from our STEM facilitators and explore career options with real STEM professionals from nurses and scientist to pilots and app developers!

Hands-On STEM Activities

Online and print activities lead your child(ren) in building catapults, baking ice cream, growing plants, coding their own app, and more! Choose from dozens of PE and partner activities daily to keep your kid(s) busy and learning all summer long.


High-quality STEM programs are hard to find! They can be very expensive, require certain grades, or be far from home. We want to make sure all kids – particularly students of color and girls who tend to be overlooked by STEM programs and careers – have the opportunity to see how fun and filled with opportunity that STEM can be! Such jobs opportunities are growing fast and building the interests and skills in science, technology, engineering and math happens best when kids are young.

Who can participate?

Our mission is to provide high-quality STEM education programs – particularly to students of color and girls – on the South and West Sides of Chicago. This summer is unique, however, in that every child is looking for fun opportunities to stay busy and safe! As such, we have made our virtual SUMMER of STEAM camp available for ALL. We can’t wait for you to experience Project Exploration and [email protected] with us!

Is there a cost?

Programs are completely free for most South and West Side Chicago families. The only cost you may be asked to pay is a refundable deposit of $20 for your child to participate in LIVE programs taught on Zoom. Since there are special supplies needed for these virtual classes, your deposit shows you and your child are committed to participating in at least half of those Zoom program sessions. At the end of summer, you will get your $20 back if your child attends at least half of the program sessions or can choose to let PE keep it as a donation.

If you don’t live in our service area, you and your family can still participate and receive STEMkits for a donation of $50 per kit. This donation covers the cost of your child’s STEMkit and offsets costs for families who might not otherwise be able to participate in such a summer camp such as ours. Your child will have full access to on-demand activities and recorded program sessions. Unfortunately, access to Zoom program sessions and participation in the Explore Store is only for qualifying families.

What do I need to participate?

Project Exploration’s Summer of STEAM programs and activities were designed to mostly require materials that you have at home. Any materials that we’re not sure the average family will have is provided in a monthly STEMkit and mailed to your home. LIVE program sessions require that your child has access to a smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer and internet access. LIVE program sessions for children of different age groups were purposely scheduled at different times so only one device is needed per family.

Still not sold? There's more!

Most families who register for our SUMMER of STEAM camp who live on the South and West sides of Chicago will qualify for our Explore Store. Your family will earn points for every activity your child(ren) complete. Every Monday, we’ll tell you how many points your family has earned. At the end of the summer, trade in your points for prizes like iPads or family trips to reward your child(ren) for their hard work!

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If you have questions before you get registered, contact us using the form or call or text the phone number below.


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