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Project Exploration Team Members on the Go!

Project Exploration joins US2020 ConferenceKelsey Galante, Project Exploration STEM Co-op Manager, attended the US2020 Convening, hosted at the Columbia Memorial Space Center in Downey, California on November 13. Project Exploration represents Chicago as a City...

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Twenty Years of Changing the Face of Science! Reflection from Kaitlin Rushing

As Project Exploration turns 20, we wish to acknowledge the alumni who have been positively impacted by the program and to offer their perspectives as a means of expressing why we provide the programs that we do. Our core values of equity, authentic and meaningful experiences, and students are at the center of how Project EXploration continues to brings hope and change to generations to come.

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Making Connections to Explore!

Project Exploration connects student experiences through programs, field trips, STEM mentors and in some cases attending a ball! Madison participated in Summer of Science and shares her experience including attending the Museum of Science and Industry’s Columbian Ball!

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Changing the Face of Science for 20 years! Reflection from Heather King

Heather shared advice to her younger self and to current Project Exploration students, saying “there’s no exact and linear path through life or through a career. There are so many ways to apply your skills and passions! Don’t be afraid to take risks and pursue opportunities, even if they don’t quite fit with the norm.

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Partnerships Matter, in STEM Education!

                              Partnerships Matter, in STEM Education! Project Exploration has been at the forefront of impacting underserved communities and youth by delivering STEM education...

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