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Gearing up for Women’s History Month!

Project Exploration is preparing for two events that will bring girls from all across the City to participate in a week-long STEM Spring Break Camp and a day long conference, Girls’ Health and Science Day!

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Local STEM Learning Hub on the West Side of Chicago!

On January 22nd Project Exploration hosted a community open house event called, ‘Celebrating a New Year in STEM Learning’. As the title suggests, the objective of this event was to celebrate the opening and future potential of the West Side STEM Learning Center as well as highlight the incredible work already taking place in Austin. Community stakeholders, students, and parents alike explored six different classrooms and a hallway full of engaging STEM activities. Over 50 guests registered for the event and attendees were able to participate in various activities, from creating paper rockets to touching real local specimens to creating musical instruments.

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STEM Mentors Matter!

Project Exploration has a history of bringing scientists and students together to investigate real science and build meaningful relationships. This model has a positive impact for everyone involved, including practicing scientists, whom we know are often looking for ways to share their expertise and passion for the sciences with young people.

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Meet Katrina Miller, STEM Professional!

Katrina Miller a University of Chicago Physics PhD candidate and particle astrophysics researcher from Meza, Arizona was drawn to Project Exploration’s motto, “Changing the Face of Science”. As she reflects on her own experience she would have loved to have been in a program that introduced her to the sciences when she was younger.

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