Jaclyn Carmichael, Program Director shares her busy Fall!

Jaclyn Carmichael, Program Director shares her busy Fall!

Jaclyn Carmichael, Project Exploration Program at DML Hello everyone! My name is Jaclyn Carmichael and I am the Program Director for Project Exploration! It has been a busy time of travel these past couple months for me and I wanted to share a little about what I’ve...

Authentic STEM Experiences Help Change the Face of Science

Project Exploration (PE) works to find ways to engage our participants in real-world and authentic experiences. In our middle school programs, we provide trips to various STEM rich institutions in Chicago to build their understanding of STEM in everyday careers. With our high school programs that focus on a STEM specific discipline, identifying authentic experiences becomes more creative. However, with effective partnerships we find organizations willing and ready to help us fulfill this goal!

The role of STEM mentors, it makes a difference!

One of the cornerstone principles of Project Exploration (PE) programs is to provide our students with mentors and role models that will be positive influences on their education and personal goals. One of the ways PE does this is in the training and development of our STEM Facilitators to provide engaging and interesting activities for our students! Not only is it important for our Facilitators to be engaging, we also need them to be relatable to our students. This is the way in which to really establish connections with our students that will keep them coming back to program!

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