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Eating a Rainbow

Students had the opportunity to try some new exotic fruits in class like horned melon, dragon fruit & persimmon. After this, they learned about PH balances and what that means for their bodies.

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Welcome, the Codesters!

After the students spent time getting to know each other, Mr. Nigel explained what computer languages are and which one they are learning this summer—Python.

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Firework Teens

The students have a lot of fun with getting to know each other through ice-breakers and group activities. After this they get an introduction to PH balances.

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Lettuce Find Out!

TEAM Englewood students get an introduction to food nutrition, what they are eating and what theses foods are made up of.

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Codesters write a few algorithms so they will not seem so intimidating to them.

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Lights, Camera, and Action

What’s the differences of what is real and what is dramatized in popular forensic TV shows, these include CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order, and more.

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Hands on Deck

The forensic investigators applied many new skills to activities such as document analysis, hair analysis, and crime scene investigation!

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